Links to AMAZING workshops you can learn from - right here in New Mexico!

Traditional Living - Canning, making your own solar panels, making cheeses, etc. 
       ABQ Old School run by Leila Salim
Earthbag Construction Programs
       The Hive 
       UNM’s Sustainability Studies Program 

Permaculture Training Courses
       Lama Foundation north of Taos
       the Four Bridges Traveling Permaculture Institute in EspaƱola
       Santa Clara Pueblo’s Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute  

Adobe Making
       Cornerstones Partnership 

       Carole Crews 
or join in at one of the traditional enjarres like that at the San Francisco de Asis church in Ranchos de Taos

Natural Building / Tiny Houses / PRACTICAL PROGRAM (not academic, but it is college!)
       Green technology program at UNM Taos.  
They cover how to build and install solar panels, how to make a horno or rocket stove fireplace, how to do electrical systems, how to do an earth berm, how to do adobe... They literally tear apart the building and put it back together piece by piece.

Other Courses you might be interested in (not in New Mexico)

Our friend Oliver Swann’s Natural Homes website is the largest online natural building resource in the WORLD, and he has a list of workshops that might be a bit closer to you.