Earthship Research: University of Brighton

University of Brighton
Case Study Report: The Brighton Earthship: Evaluating Thermal Performance. Centre for Sustainability of the Built Environment. Link to Complete Report pdf HERE.

UPDATE! August 2015
We'll be interviewing Mischa Hewitt, project Manager for the Brighton Earthship and now the Low Carbon Trust, for the second edition of the book, coming Spring 2016!

Reviewer’s Commentary:

This report is out of date and was complete prior to the completion of the build and habitation. Further studies have identified major issues with the Brighton design and have been included herein via other reportings.


“Early results of both internal and external conditions show internal conditions to be consistently warmer than outside, responding to incident solar radiation. The building at the time of these results however was still under construction and unoccupied and therefore not truly reflective of comfort conditions in the completed building. The variation in temperatures recorded indicates that the thermal battery effect is unlikely to have reached stable cyclic conditions. However, ongoing measurements will be used to evaluate its thermal performance and future work will also expand to look at other aspects of the building.”