Earthship Research: Zimmerman, Burger, & Nolan

Aaron Zimmerman, Eric Burger, & Jared Nolan
Testing and Analysis of Modified Rammed Earth Tire Walls. Swarthmore College. Department of Engineering. May 6, 2011. Link to Complete Report pdf Here


“Based on the tests and analysis of R14 and R15 rammed earth tire walls, it is believed that they are capable of providing safe and reliable support in single story homes. Although some of the factors of safety approach a lower limit of 1.5, it should again be noted that the models used in this report are quite conservative and the structures will be capable of withstanding larger forces than are computed within this report. Furthermore, from the Griepentrog report it has been concluded that loads applied to foundation soils suggest that it is acceptable to construct these homes directly on undisturbed soil, assuming specific site based investigation are carried out.”